10 films with GREAT soundtracks…

Is there actually anyone who hasn’t been to see Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again? I’ve been three times now (no shame) and for the last week I’ve had the soundtrack playing on repeat (also no shame). And it got me thinking about how great soundtracks are, even when it isn’t a musical, and I made a decision that from now on I am going to note down if a film has a good soundtrack while i’m watching it. Lets be honest, most rom coms have definitely got a killer tune selection to go along with them.

SO, without including Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, here is the beginning of my ‘list of films with great soundtracks for every mood’.

T H E  P R I N C E S S  D I A R I E S

Best songs: Little Bitty Pretty One, Miracles Happen, Stupid Cupid.

How good is the film? ACE.

Recommend: Yes, you should have already watched it in your life.

Mood: Girlie.


T H E  G R E A T E S T  S H O W M A N 

Best songs: Rewrite the Stars, This is Me, A Million Dreams.

How good is the film? AMAZING.

Recommend: Of course, one of my favourites- especially the dance scene to A Million Dreams.

Mood: Inspirational.


M A D E  O F  H O N O U R 

Best songs: Love Song, Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Henrietta.

How good is the film? Hilarious.

Recommend: Definitely get watching this if you love a classic rom com.

Mood: BBQ/ Dinner with friends.


F I F T Y  S H A D E S  F R E E D

Best Songs: Capital Letters, The Wolf, Deer In Headlights.

How good is the film? I loved it, but the whole series has mixed reviews.

Recommend: 8/10.

Mood: Mellow/ Chilled out.

D I R T Y  D A N C I N G 

Best songs: Be My Baby, Hungry Eyes, She’s Like The Wind.

How good is the film? A classic, a winner.

Recommend: If you love a good decades movie then this is a great one for you.

Mood: Get up and DANCE.


L O V E  A C T U A L L Y

Best songs: God Only Knows, All You Need Is Love, Here With Me.

How good is the film? The best Christmas film ever. But wait till Christmas to watch it…

Recommend: Definitely, and the songs aren’t ALL Christmas songs.

Mood: Happiness.


P R E T T Y  W O M A N

Best songs: Pretty Woman, Kiss, Real Wild Child.

How good is the film? INCREDIBLE

Recommend: Yes, and it will make you want to go shopping.

Mood: Sassy.



Best songs: Hold On, Paper Bag, Doo Wah Doo.

How good is the film? Really funny.

Recommend: 100% it’s a great option for a girls night.

Mood: Girlie.

H O W  T O  L O S E  A  G U Y  I N 10 D A Y S 

Best songs: Somebody Like You, Weight Of the World, You’re So Vain.

How good is the film? This is one of my all time favourite films. I love it.

Recommend: I’d recommend this to any rom com lover.

Mood: Feel good.


T H E  P A R E N T  T R A P 

Best songs: L-O-V-E, There She Goes, Bad To The Bone.

How good is the film? Fab, one of my favourite films still.

Recommend: Yes, one for those of you who still love a bit of Disney.

Mood: Retro.


If you haven’t got yourself to the cinema this week to see the latest musical out, you neeeeeeed to. Its super fun, the cast are hilarious and so loveable and you’ll be partying to Abba before you know it. Let me hear your favourite soundtracks!



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