2018: A Short Review.

December 12th- the countdown begins. Sounds like the opening line to a David Attenborough documentary when read out loud, right?  Well, don’t be disappointed, its just me looking back on 2018 and thinking about the year to come. 

2018 memories…

I set myself some personal, career and lifestyle goals last year. I can say with confidence that for the first 1/4 of the year I tried really hard to stick to them all, after that they dwindled off for a while. Come September, I felt myself trying really hard to stick to them again (realising that we were heading to the end of the year at 100mph), and here we are now. Looking back and looking forward. 

FIRST, A quick refresher.

Mindfulness has been hit and miss. In terms of kindness and thinking of others, I think it comes naturally. When it comes to yoga and meditation, not so much. I do often listen to sleep meditation, this really helps me get to sleep and have a full nights kip (whether this can be classed as mindfulness when i’m giving it Z’s i’m not sure…). Again, with the yoga its not consistent but I have learnt a lot. Id give mindfulness a solid 6/10. 

Skiing Jan 2018 x

Body happiness. Its a strange one, isn’t it? Some days I feel confident and happy within myself and others I have felt a bit insecure and less happy. I guess thats the relationship most people have with their body- a bit of a love hate one. For the most part of the year I have been exercising and keeping myself feeling positive, while indulging in the luxuries in moderation. At the moment, I know I need to shed a few pounds, but is it really going to happen before Christmas? probs not. 

Learn something new. This one, I smashed. I learnt how to spin on skis (its a work in progress), yoga, how to paint, how to restore furniture, how to electrofusion pipes together, the ins and outs of a restoration project, how to use WordPress (it’s a tricky one, believe me!) and the list goes on! yes, girl. 

Family holidays Feb-March x

The Chapel has been a hard one to judge, its been a slow process and in terms of the building we really aren’t any further than we were this time last year. BUT, we are classing it as a win because these last few days have seen the end of the planning process. Let the next stage begin! 

On a whole, i’d say i’ve been pretty good at looking after myself. My skin is a lot better, which i’m really happy about after struggling with eczema this year. My hair is heathy and ready to be donated and I’ve had many pamper nights and long bubble baths. Admittedly my nails are still tragic and i’m not very consistent with a face mask, but hey!

Adventures with Ad x

Read 20 books- this was actually the hardest of all my resolutions. I think I possibly overshot on the book count that I could get through in a year. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that I have a book club on my stories which has 14 books down from this year which I fully read and finished! HOWEVER, there are a few books that I started and didn’t enjoy or haven’t finished yet and I think this would take me over the big 20. Perhaps the 1st of January calls for a post dedicated to my book goal? That gives me two weeks to get reading….

To take more photos was another goal I set, this was super easy to complete and I really enjoyed it. I did NOT enjoy going though my phone and deleting the crap…

Sailing May 2018 x the best 

I can confirm that I am now a full DIY queen! Its been so fun using pinterest to find diy ideas and try new things this year. I’d definitely recommend this fun New Years resolution if you cant think of any for this year. 

My carry on goal last New Years was to keep being positive. I love this goal, it makes me happy to feel happy and spread happiness, and its one I will continue this year too. 

my sparkling stars x

AND FINALLY,  ’22 things I learnt this year’ was actually a blog post on my blog, if you haven’t given it a read I will link it here– its a pretty fun one! 

What next?

It’s that time of year to start thinking and setting goals for the next year ahead of us. I LOVE that January feels like a fresh start, its super motivating and if you take some time to think about it, you can set some pretty achievable and rewarding goals. 

As much as I’d love to shed a stone in weight and grow 4 inches taller while developing naturally wild, curly hair, these are NOT achievable. Setting goals should be fun and they should not make you feel negative about yourself. Watch out for a whole post on a little advice for setting your own goals for 2019- if you struggle, this might be for you! 

2018, you’ve been a corker. Thanks for all the memories, over and out. 



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