22 things i’ve learnt in 22 years.

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So I’m a tad late I know, BUT, my 22nd birthday was two weeks ago and I had a crackin’ time. I shamelessly entered my 22nd year of life with Taylor swift on full pelt, while singing at the top of my voice about how ‘i’m feelin’ 22′ (anyone else feel like they’ve been waiting for their 22nd bday just to sing this all day?) and continued the day by shovelling cake down and keeping the glass of fizz topped up with all my favourite people- it was ace.

When I set my New Years resolutions back in January, I wanted to be able to give 22 good things i’ve learned when I get to my 22nd birthday and i’m feeling pretty ready to share that list with all of you. So, lets go girls.

  1. When you finally stop caring about what other people think of your choices, life is pretty freakin’ fantastic.
  2. A tidy room means a tidy mind. Try to keep that bedroom clean gals, it really freshens your thoughts. (ps soz mum if you’re reading- i’m still trying on this one and probs will be in another 22 years)
  3. When it comes to friends, quality over quantity is the only way.
  4. Theres always time for another cuppa and a good chinwag.
  5. Happiness breeds happiness and smiles lead to smiles, so whether you’re passing a stranger in the street or congratulating a friend you should always beam, shine and sparkle when doing so.
  6. Visiting new places is 1000x better with your soulmate.
  7. Never say no to learning something new.
  8. In order to get those ‘oh I just threw it together’ outfits you need serious planning the night before. They don’t exist gurl.
  9. Same goes for that perfectly imperfect messy beach hair look and no make up look- they’re a myth.
  10. Always keep a little fund for a rainy day
  11. Take some time each day to think and really just be present- you’ll feel the benefits of this.
  12. ‘Worrying will not take away tomorrows troubles, only today’s joy’
  13. Striving to be the best version of yourself is really rewarding. Don’t you just love the happiest version of you more?
  14. A Friday night in with a movie and popcorn>wild nights that write of the next day.
  15. ALWAYS have snacks in your car.
  16. Clean bedsheets are the best feeling and smell ever.
  17. Matching pants and bras really do make you feel like you’ve got your shit together.
  18. Its ok to sometimes say just fuck it, we’re only human and not everything will go your way. Start a fresh page.
  19. It feels great to document things, taking photos of great times and writing little memories down is the epitome of loveliness.
  20. Be bold with your outfit choices- if you love it then you’ll rock it.
  21. If you’re fast enough with your washing, giving it a good shake will save you hours of ironing.
  22. Plan for the future, theres lots to fit in.




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