5 R’s to get ready for Autumn.

Autumn- AKA the second New Year. The perfect time to assess our year so far and set new goals before the winter hits. Maybe you aren’t into the whole ‘New Years Resolutions’ and thats totally cool, but September is still a great time to reflect and see where you are.

Theres something about Autumn that just feels new. It deserves a refreshing dose of motivation as the 3/4 check point in the year to avoid feeling a like an in-between sort of time. The combination of change in the air (a crisp air to signify the end of summer) and a fresh new season ahead makes me want to look at how I’ve done so far and how to move onwards and upwards.


Its important to reflect before we go full speed ahead into something new. Give yourself a chance to acknowledge your achievements and learn from your less impressive moments. 

TOP TIP- a fresh new notepad will help with this task. Start writing things down and keeping up to date with everything. We can all benefit from being a little more organised and visual with our tasks. 

If you need to take time to really reflect, then DO. Don’t put off evaluating your year so far.


Give a little time to yourself and really refresh your self care routines. With the approaching weather change, there is often a change in our skin and mood. If you get on top of this you’ll feel much more glowing and radiant through the winter months.  

Look for adding moisture to your skin and nutrients to your body and that will keep you feeling as great as you were feeling while we were dosing up on vitamin D.


Dare I say that Christmas is coming? *internal panic overload*. It’s no secret that the festive season is pricier than most, so brace yourself and set a finance plan for savings and budgets to avoid the disappointment of finance problems while all your friends and family might be taking part in events and having loads of fun.

Set a goal and stick to it. 


Summer is busy and it always goes SO fast with lots of activities crammed in to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors. Use Autumn as a time to reconnect with your loved ones AND YOURSELF.

You could even take a mini break to really spend time together, breath and relax. Feeling connected to the people who matter most to you will help you in so many ways- productivity, motivation and inspiration being boosted massively. Be it a girls retreat, a romantic weekend or even a few days at home where you switch off the mobile phones and step back to breath.


We all talk of spring cleans feeling so refreshing, but I think we should be deep cleaning in autumn too! Get that house sparkling from head to toe and you’ll feel a new sense of satisfaction in your home. 

Make sure to look at the minor details of your home and start putting the tea lights back into the candles, get the blankets and throws back onto the sofa and change all the linens to feel completely fresh! We all know that there is nothing better than the feeling of fresh bed linen…

These 5 R’s for Autumn will leave you feeling ready to take on the rest of the year with a sparkle in your smile and a spring in your step…


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