6 Winter Date Ideas

Summer loving’ might have been a blast, butttttttt, just because it made it into actual song lyrics, does that mean its better than winter romance? I don’t think so. There’s something a little extra romantic about cold and cosy weather, chilly, crisp air and beautiful, cool colours.

Winter date nights don’t sound quite so appealing when you compare to the alfresco dining of summer. However, there are still certainly lots of fun things to do. So get your diary out and plan something that doesn’t include PJ’s and binge watching TV shows….

Ice Skating

Lots of towns and cities put up temporary ice rinks over the festive period. What a perfect excuse to channel your inner child with a day date that includes ice skating, hot chocolate and bundling up in a million layers.

Board Game Night

If you ask me, we don’t play board games enough these days. This could be the perfect double date idea. Crack out the dusty boxes (Twister and Articulate are a MUST) and start up a couples competition. A recipe for lots of giggles and all the hygge vibes. 

Cooking Together

Forget going out for dinner or ordering a take away. Write yourselves a shopping list and prepare a gorgeous dinner together. My favourite is steak and sweet potato fries, with mushrooms and salad. 

Light the candles in the kitchen, put the record player on and enjoy quality time together while dancing around the kitchen and making a scrummy meal. 

Carpet Picnic Den 

Winter picnic alternative:

  1. Construct a den of pillows, blankets, duvets and fairy lights.
  2. Pick 2 movies that you both love or like the sound of. 
  3. Lay the food of choice out (always good to include strawberries).
  4. Microwave the popcorn and add a pack of chocolate buttons in there. 
  5. snuggle up and enjoy. 

Romantic Winter Walk

Another day date could be spent wrapped up in your cosy coats and wandering through somewhere near or far. Perhaps you could go on a countryside walk and finish off with a coffee and cake in a local village, or you could plan a romantic stroll through a local famers market or vintage market. 

Panto Night 

Ah, Christmas, the time for pantomimes galore. This is the perfect night out for a good laugh and something thats a little bit different. Book yourselves some tickets at your local panto and enjoy the reminiscing (its also CRAZY how much adult humour is in pantos). 

What will you be doing this winter when it comes to Friday date night? I know that my favourite is cooking with Adam and dancing around the kitchen together followed by a den of blankets and movies. 


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