Thursday Faves- INSTA GALS

If there is one social media platform that can leave you feeling dreamy and inspired, its Instagram. Its like scrolling through Pinterest, however, you’re able to get to know the users through their photos and captions rather than just searching for dreamy photography. Its the platform where everyone is a blogger, everyone is a photographer and everyone is expressing their life however they want to. Personally, I think thats pretty FAB.

BUT, although it seems all sunshine and daisies, it can also be one of the worst social media platforms for making you feel bad about yourself or jealous of others by comparing yourself to the perfect instagram feeds. Comparison is the thief of joy so don’t even go there girl, if thats happening then its time to click unfollow right now. Its important to remember that while your scrolling through your phone looking at all these gorgeous photos, to take it with a pinch of salt- life isn’t perfect honey, and it would be pretty damn boring if it was.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure we are all guilty of posting photos that are weeks old and bumping the temperature up on a photo to look like its positively tropical outside, but as long as your posting things that are bringing you happiness, put a big cheesy grin on your face and feel TRUE, then I’d say your winning. You can call instagram you’re very own visual online diary.

So (drum roll please….) here we have (in no particular order…) my TOP FAVE instagram gals to follow:


This GAL.

What a babe. I love watching Sarahs youtube vids and seeing her beaut, beachy life in Australia. An account focused on fitness, holistic health and organic food from a super positive gal. What is not to love? 

Amber Fillerup Clark has the most gorgeous little family and I love following their adventures together. Mix that together with the odd, cheeky hair tutorial and soooo many hair pics from this hairdresser and you’ve got a dreamy insta. Her blog is also a super lovely read at  

I started following Candice when I was obsessed with The Vampire Diaries (no shame) and Caroline was my fave character, since then I just love when she posts a pic. Serious outfit goals and she and her husband make the CUTEST couple. 


This girl is the boho chic DREAM. I love all her outfit posts and the colours of her feed make me so excited to go on holiday. the tropical, warm and soft tones are charming on the eye. 

Is there anyone who wouldn’t want to follow this chick? If you love interior and if you love blush pink then this is your girl. Her fashion is to die for, her apartment gives so much inspo and her beauty picks and spot on. I actually love to see what she’s up to and follow her life updates on instagram and her blog.  


The baking goddess. This lady makes the most beautiful cakes which inspire every single cake I try to make. Admittedly, they NEVER look like Lindas but its the thought that counts right? One of the things I love the most is that her recipes are so seasonal. YUM. 

This one is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing feed, there are just flowers everywhereeeee. Her travel adventures add so much inspiration to my travel bucket list and her captions are so feel good.  

The Pink Diary is basically an album of gorgeous flatlays, amazing food and incredible fashion choices. And if you couldn’t guess, theres a slight pinky theme goin’ on there which i’m totally ok with. 

Friendship, love and life updates from this youtuber and blogger. Again, the colours are soft and warm which fills me with joy and sunshine vibes. 

AND last but not least, Leonnie is the ultimate Parisian gal. Her feed is full of pretty photos with the gorgeous Paris backdrop. I loveeee all her couple photos and I really enjoy seeing the beautiful places she’s been globetrotting to. 

I LOVE finding new people to follow on instagram, especially accounts like these which I actually really enjoy keeping up to date with. 

Who are your fave insta gals to follow?

With love, always. 

K x


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