7 ‘notes to self’…

I don’t know about you, but I often have them moments when I say to myself ‘OMG I’m so going to start doing that…” and then completely forget about it until the next time I have the same moment. I’m not talking anything crazy, simply them moments where you take a mental note for yourself when you should really take a big, fat, block capital post it note and stick it above your desk so you actually remember said note….

Here are just a few of my recent ‘note to self’ moments that I really hope I start seeing through.


  1. Start a notes page on my phone dedicated to writing down films and TV shows that people have recommended to me. I swear that even though I have a Netflix and amazon video account, I can NEVER find something to watch. I will scroll aimlessly through the rom com sections and um and ah over new movies and ones i’ve seen before until I eventually give up and resort back to Friends or Gilmore Girls. I love friends and the lives of the Gilmore’s, but I’m confident i’ve seen every episode at least 11 times.
  2. Making over night oats for a ready made, easy breakfast in the morning. So many people I know do this and I always say I should try, but early and rushed morning I still end up shovelling a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes down as a last resort. MUST TRY.
  3. Making another notes page on my phone to note down the names of songs that I think would sound great on the piano. I love playing the piano and I often hear songs on the radio or on a playlist that I think would sound great, however, I get to the seat and play a few songs before a complete mind blank of songs. If I had a ready made list to try I wouldn’t need to be sat asking every family member to think of a song for me.
  4. Stop pressing the snooze button on my alarm. I think this is total personal preference. I know some people like to set their alarm early and snooze at least 4 times before actually getting up, it brings them around to the land of the awake slowly and leaves them feeling fresh. However, it definitely does the complete opposite to me. Sometimes when my alarm goes off I feel super awake, but knowing i’ve set another in 15 minutes means I just close my eyes again and will wake up feeling 100% grotty and tired after that snooze button gets hit.
  5. Start printing off photos that I really like. All my photos are super old, especially the ones of Ad and me. Its time to freshen up the frames and start keeping the photos I love in an album or book which I can look through and enjoy rather than scrolling through my phone for that photo I love.
  6. Listen to Podcasts. I know a lot of people love to listen to podcasts, but its one thing that I can never find the time to do. Whenever im cleaning, working at the desk or pottering around the house I will automatically put music on but this would be the perfect time to listen to a podcast. If you have any recommendations, please send them my way!
  7. Start a recipe book. I’m not a terrible chef, in fact I think i’m pretty good, BUT, I am such a messy chef. Baking is definitely not my thing but breakfast, lunch or dinner I can do and a lot of them are completely experimental meals. I would love to start writing them down in a recipe book (which I have ready to start!) so that when i’m stuck for ideas I can turn to the book and find one that was mega yum.

So there we go, written evidence of my ‘notes to self’ which could go on and on forever and a day. I’m hoping that this might keep me accountable for these little things I want to start doing. Little things to bring more joy into everyday life.


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