a few thoughts on ‘perfection’

Perfection. A myth? A lie? Who knows, but it definitely doesn’t exist. Its no brainwave that the idea of ‘perfection’ changes completely for each and every one of us, so why do we use it in everyday life when the definition is never the same. It seems to be so easy to get sucked into striving for that ‘perfect life’ but its time to stop. Its time to stop striving for the perfect hair, perfect relationships, perfect job; instead, lets start aiming for something real, because at the end of the day ‘perfect’ is just a word and it might not be what you’re really searching for.


It starts with you. Take a deep breath and let go of that idea of yourself that your head thinks is so much better than who you already are. You are enough already, remember that.

Now ask yourself, what personality traits do you actually want to have? Happy, positive, kind, generous, ambitious, enthusiastic, funny…the list is endless. If you ever have a moment of doubt that you are not ‘perfect’, stop in your tracks and remind yourself that ‘perfect’ is not what you are aiming to be.


The ‘perfect’ image, AKA boring. We are all guilty of following the trends, seeing an outfit on Pinterest and frantically googling to see where to buy everything, from the baker boy hat to the sparkly socks. Wait a second, do you actually like this outfit or is it just trendy and you love how the model looks like in this photo?

Next time you go online shopping, look at the clothes that you like, not just the ones that are fashionable and trendy. If you love that striped pair of trousers that feel a little too bold compared to your friends and peers, TRY THEM ON! The same goes for hair, beauty and make up, be bold and be true to you.


Relationships should not be described as perfect. Relationships should be great, they should make you feel fuzzy inside and they should make you laugh, but they shouldn’t feel ‘perfect’ (how bland would that be). Aim for love and laughter, and you will feel much closer to pure happiness than any form of perfect can give you.

I don’t think anyone could even describe a perfect relationship..

Would you want to be with somebody who didn’t accept you for who you are, somebody who wanted you to be ‘better’? Would you want to change somebody because they weren’t ‘perfect’? I know that I wouldn’t…

The future.

The future is unwritten. We are always changing, always developing and we will carry on doing this for our whole lives. You don’t have to have a big white wedding and be married with 3 kids by the age of 28, and you don’t have to travel the world and ‘find yourself’ in a tropical jungle. You just need to keep going onwards, onwards with a happy feeling, and if thats not happening then its time to think about the future and the present.

What I hate most about ‘perfection’ is that it simultaneously suggests that we are the best we can be, and that we are not good enough. When in fact, thats not true at all. We can always grow and discover new things about ourselves, so we should always be moving upwards. At the same time we should know in ourselves that we are good enough, we are great, we are lovely and individual.

So, lets stop trying to be perfect. Lets try to be happy, kind and brave. Its time to ban the word ‘perfect’ from our lives once and for all…unless its to sing along to Ed Sheehan and One direction…


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