About Me


Welcome to my little slice of online space.

A bit about me- a 22 year old gal just tryin’ to spread a few sparkles and kindness around. I’m a freelance make up artist based in the good old Yorkshire dales (AKA. the middle of nowhere) specialising in weddings and events and I LOVE my job.

Hobby wise…

I’m completely terrible and all sports, i’m a pretty crap chef and my shower singing is questionable, but I do love to try pretty much anything! I do play the piano and I love reading, writing, painting andddddddd of course online shopping. My friends and family are just the best, I am so grateful for all the beautiful souls I have in my life and for all the lovely people I get to meet and spend time with.

The key to my heart is…


Sandy toes, beauty products that I cant afford, a cheeky ASOS order, French bulldogs, dreamy interiors, bed linen, the smell of fresh cotton, blossom trees, traveling somewhere new with my favourite person, salty hair, a sunny spring day, fresh flowers, pastel pink, a clear day on the slopes in the crisp mountain air, brunching, a pitstop for coffee, seaside walks and getting lost in the world of a book.

The Honey Blonde…

My little life online is going to be a little bit of everything really. A bit of beauty… a little lifestyle… a tonne of travel…you get the drift, right? #doyouevenalliteration

SO if you’re here for some pretty pics of life up north, or maybe for a frank chat about something that matters, then grab yourself a brew have a little nosey over here at the honey blonde.