Believing that everything happens for a reason…

Do you have that one cheesy line that you genuinely believe with all your heart, and when something goes wrong for yourself or somebody else (or when something goes amazingly right) you reel off that killer line? I do. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. 

When I say everything happens for a reason, I don’t mean that I believe there is some higher plan or force of the universe behind our every move. I don’t believe that our lives are mapped out already and we just follow the yellow brick road to our destiny. No, I just think that the saying has some truth behind it but I can’t quite put words to why. 

Im not even sure if I believe it in every aspect of life, but I definitely believe it when it comes to our decisions. 

When something doesn’t quite work our for you it is bound to get you down a little, but why should we say its such a terrible thing? Something better could be right around the corner, or perhaps if things had happened differently it would have affected a different aspect of your life. Maybe whatever happened was in order to benefit somebody else who needed that little spark of hope more than you. 

Paths cross and people will enter and leave your life. I’m pretty sure we learn something from each and every person we cross paths with, or maybe they bring the greatest joy into our lives and eventually you’ll struggle to remember what it was like before they came into your life- imagine if you’d never said hello… 

Believing that everything happens for a reason can be such a positive influence in our reactions, actions and outlook on certain situations, but I think its important not to misuse a belief like this. Your life is made up of YOUR choices, not the universe’s choices. We can’t use the old ‘everything happens for a reason’ mantra as an excuse or to avoid certain things that might be happening, but having a little bit of trust in yourself, your choices and your decisions can light that spark of happiness inside- even when it might seem unlikely.

I suppose what I really believe, is that believing in yourself will get you where you’re supposed to be. Even if you’re not sure who or what you believe in, why you believe in it or where the belief has come from the one thing you should DEFINITELY believe in is you.

Have a bit of faith in yourself and it will go a long way…


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