Colours of Dreams

Ok, ok, so I know that we are SOOOOOO far away from decorating in the chapel. Decorating is like a tiny dot in the distance of a very long road, but does that stop a gal from a cheeky Pinterest search for all the interior inspo and ideas? No, it doesn’t!

At the moment, I am absolutely loving soft, warm colours. Those like peach, pink, terracotta, mustard, mocha…you get the drift right? However, when picking a colour scheme for a room, I suppose its important to see what kind of mood/vibe its going to set in that room. So, as much as I love the pink schemes, its probably unlikely that they will make an appearance in every room (not to mention that Adam might veto the pink every time…)

Peach- Terracotta

This is my favourite, if I could use these colours in my home and in my wardrobe I would. The mood is warm and comforting, it gives a freshness and a feeling of summer but still creates that cosy vibe which I love.

Beige- Gold- Green

The kind of colours I would love for a spare bedroom. A clean and simple look which gives an airy boho vibe to the room, i’m talking all the potted plants in here for the feeling of nature.

White- Terracotta- Blue/Grey

These are the colours that I would love for our kitchen of dreams. Wooden floors for that earthy feel, white cupboards to keep it clean with wooden work tops, grey tiles on the walls with lots of open shelving for terracotta pots and crockery. I think this would give a really open space with the cool light colours, but the terracotta would add a burst of summer and warmth. I can just imagine it..

Black- Beige- Blue

These are the neutral tones with a dark and deep mood. These would be perfect in a room that you can just escape to and feel hidden away when its dark and cold outside, light the candles and feel snuggly. HYGGE YES PLEASE!

We are so excited for all the parts of our project, but as someone with a passion for interiors and creativity, I am SO excited for the decorating stage. This sort of thing makes me feel all toasty inside and a little giddy!

What colours do you love at home?


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