HOW TO: Pom Pom Pillow.

The love for Pom Poms is REAL. You can literally put them on anything to jazz things up a little, and with all the different colours you can go for, the vibes are all kinds of lovely!

Pinterest is a great place for DIY things. I even have my own DIY board on there for things I want to try. So, when I was scrolling through and saw the cutest little pom pom cushion, well, lets just say it was love at first sight.

I am totally the kinda gal who likes to change her bedroom up at least once a month. I get bored easily and I think that by changing it around it somehow looks cleaner and tidier afterwards. I recently got a new duvet for my birthday- plain white with cute, tiny, coloured pom poms around some of the seams- and after I put it on I realised that all my old cushions did NOT go with the vibe. Previously, id gone for the whole French, soft pink and dainty paisley patterns which all my cushions and throws were matched to, but that was not agreeing with me anymore, and so BEHOLD the diy pom pom obsession begins.



1x old cushion/ old cushion case.

5-7x different balls of yarn. (pick colours that you like and go together)

1x sewing kit.

ALOT of cardboard.

1x glue gun.

1x skissors



If you don’t know how to make pom poms then don’t worry, its super easy! First you’ll need to cut up some of your cardboard into a square or rectangle. Then, on the longer side, cut a slit half way up from the middle.

Grab your first yarn of choice and slot the string into the slit and hold it there. Now begin wrapping the wool around the cardboard around the longest side (going over the slit) and do this until you have a thick chunk of yarn.

Cut off another string of yarn and thread it through the slit, around the wool to attach all the string together in the middle.

Cut each side of the yarn on the cardboard and pull out of the slit!




You’ll want to make at least 25 pom poms to fill a cushion. Yes, thats right, 25. IT TAKES AGES.

But its definitely worth it.

When you have all your pom poms lined up in front of you its time to get them on the cushion. Now, because I was already bored to DEATH of making pom poms by this point, I chose to use a glue gun to stick my pom poms to the pillow after arranging them in the order I liked most. However, I would definitely recommend sewing the pom pom’s on if you haven’t completely died of boredom by this point.

The glue gun worked fine, although I do find that the pom poms are a little loose and wobbly, so I would suggest sewing.



Make your bed. Pop your cushion as the centre piece. And enjoy the cuteness!!


I hope you have a little go at something like this- check out Pinterest for more pom pom DIYS- the easiest and cutest way to spruce up something!



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