HOW TO: 6 Ways to look after yourself this winter…

Its inevitable; the cold is coming. These last few weeks have been considerably colder, the chill in the air has forced the winter coats and wooly scarves out of hibernation for good. Oh summer, how I miss you… 

It’s easy to get a bit lazy in winter. We stop looking after ourselves without even noticing it. Avoiding moisturising so we can just to get straight into our fluffy dressing gowns, treating ourselves to a weekday glass of red wine on the dark evenings, and we’ve all been guilty of forgetting to shave our legs every so often….

Lets put a stop to the neglect, lets keep treating our body and minds with the sunshine they deserve.

Stay Hydrated 

This might seem obvious, but through summer I am really good at keeping my body hydrated. I carry a water bottle with me, which seems to magically make me drink more water, and I often start the day with a hot lemon water through the summer months. 

Throughout winter, a giant mug of tea is much more appealing on a cold morning while I do my make up. THIS IS FINE! You don’t need to stop drinking cosy hot treats, however, keep up the water content ASWELL! You’ll feel benefits from energy levels to your skin- well worth it. 

Get Outside

The fresh air does wonders for us humans! Whether its a quick 15 minute walk around the block after work, a walk to the coffee shop during lunch or even just opening the window while you work from home- try to make a little time to get some real fresh air once a day. 

Being cooped up inside can drive me MAD. My skin feels clammy, I feel frustrated, and truthfully a little grotty. 

Get Fashion Creative

I think that one of the worst parts about winter is dressing in the same jumper and jeans for 3 months. I have lots of LOVELY clothes that I don’t feel like I can wear because its too cold, or looks too dressy for winter. Well, I SAY, NO MORE. I’m getting creative this winter with layers, accessories and colours.

Not only does it make me feel confident and good about myself through the winter months, it also feeds a bit of creativity into my everyday routine which is something we all need in our lives. 

Hygge Up Your Home 

Crack out the scented candles and make your home as cosy as poss. Make sure your space is social, the lighting is warm and dim, and the whole place is filled with ‘togetherness’. I’d recommend reading The Little Book Of Hygge for recipes, clothing inspiration, decor and tips. 

Making a cute place for the things you love is going to give you that little feeling of comfort and ‘home’ when you sit down and breath. Winter is a time to be with family, friends and pets, surrounded by warming food and snuggly vibes. 

Manage Your Time 

Time management: the ultimate key to Christmas organisation, seeing family and friends, time for yourself, keeping up to date with work, the house and THE REST OF LIFE! 

Invest in a diary or calendar if you haven’t already because, girl, they’re a life saver. Start your Christmas shopping early and make sure you’re starting to get all the important dates in your diary now to avoid feeling stressed. 

Give Yourself A Daily Compliment

Self affirmations are powerful things, and when the colder months roll in its time to toot your own trumpet a little bit louder. Allow yourself to have that glass of wine and slither of Cadburys Dairy Milk on an evening, let your skin adjust to the cold before complaining about its dryness, don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t managed to get everything on your ‘to do list’ done in 1 hour. 

Its easy to neglect our mind just as much as our bodies throughout winter, its time to give ourselves a bit more of the love we deserve. 


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