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I absolutely love my desk space to be visually pleasing and, for lack of a better word, ‘pretty’. I spend a lot of time at my desk doing computer work such as website tweaks, emailing clients, and keeping on top of all my spreadsheets and documents, so its really important to me that my space is feeding my mind with positive and motivational vibes.


Creative, positive, inspirational

I’ve always been a creative gal. Once upon a time, there were full walls in my bedroom covered in magazine clippings, photos and postcards. Bright colours, words and faces bring me joy and this really helps me to feel happy in my working space. I think that it’s a little bit like having house plants- certain things that can boost your inspiration and creative flare as well as your overall mood.

HOWEVER, the days of magazine covers and cringe worthy selfies in huge sunglasses and a mega pout are long gone (well..ok maybe the occasional selfie deserves a spot) and the reason for this is simply that blue tac became the bane of my life. Every time the photos came down the walls needed painting and my bed or floors would be covered in trampled blue tack- what. a. pain. So, after having a very plain wall for absolutely agggggggggeeeeees, I needed to find a new way to feed my creative side without ruining the paintwork and that is when I saw a cork notice board while wandering around WH Smiths. Lightbulb moment begins.


Notice board- Amazon, WH Smiths, Rymans.

A selection of your favourite photos.

Pinterest boards full of inspiration.


Business cards.


A selection of your favourite quotes- my favourite’s are from Emily Coxhead on instagram.

A sh*t tonne of drawing pins.


Start by clearing your desk space and thinking really carefully about what you actually want to be on your desk. By adding a positivity board it becomes very easy for a space to become cluttered and messy. Think minimalistic.

Next its time to use your bigger post cards and pictures- for a lot of the base I used pages from a local jewellery look book and postcards i’d received in gift bags and goodie bags from various local businesses and companies. Maybe use fashion pages from magazines, or pages from interior catalogues that you like. You’re picking these for the colours and the vague detail so try to avoid overly busy and dark pages. Place these about with no method, you want there to be gaps in-between and you don’t want too much symmetry.

Start Layering…

Now use your post cards and quotes to start layering over the base. Keep it interesting by overlapping the quotes onto the postcards so that not everything is visible anymore. Snippets, colours and bold words will be peeking through and creating something visually interesting to look at.

For your photos keep them spaced apart. It can be very hard to pick which ones you want to showcase, but really narrow it down to your absolute favourites and pin them up in places where the colours compliment each other. Add a few to the sides of the notice board to stay away from that ‘too neat’ look. KEEP LAYERING and keep things different sizes by trimming certain things.

The final touches…

Polaroids, business cards and word snippets will be the final touch and popping these in with little bits here and there will bring the whole thing together.

Keep looking at your work from a distance and change things around until it is the way that YOU like it. You really can’t go wrong with this, because its completely personal and the more you let go of it looking neat, the better it will actually look!

I added a few photos to my walls surrounding and kept the messy look with dotting and placing everywhere. I kept to the layered theme and made sure I was still doing this to the photos on my wall. It takes a little bit of patience and a lot of trial and error but you’ll be feeling very P O S I T I V E when you’re all finished and your work space is looking bright, vibrant and ultimately an inspired place to sit down and crack on with some work.

What inspires you at work?

I’d LOVE to hear about what inspires you and see what you do to keep your work space feeling positive and encouraging! Its such a lovely thing to share our inspirations and motivational tips with each other, lets give ourselves and those around us a little boost of sunshine today and get the creativity flowing!



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