HOW TO: Mamma Mia Curls

Ok, so I will admit that I’m 100% still obsessing over Mamma Mia 2 and Lily James. Particularly her outfits, her voice and her HAIR. How incredible are those pretty little curls that she is rocking all the way through the film?! 

Now, if you have natural curls like this then firstly, I wish I was you right now, and secondly, you better love them or i’ll be coming over to sort that out soon. 

My normal hair routine…

Now, although I do have a slight natural curl to my hair it is nowhere near this crazy and cool. If I was going for a tousled and beachy curled look id usually let my hair air dry and add some trusty R+Co  Rockaway Salt Spray or Cantu Curl Activating Cream . BUT to get these curls was a completely different ball game, and I actually found 2 methods that work a treat for my hair. 


The first way I tried was for a wedding, and I actually used a heat method for this look. 

Method 1…

Starting with day old hair I added a little bit of heat protectant and sectioned my hair off, starting at the bottom. Taking small sections- medium sections (mix it up a bit for the best results) with a REALLY old curling tong which is pretty thin (similar here). Alternatively if you were looking for something new, the babyliss tight curls or a chopstick curler would work great for this. 

I curled all the hair and tried to get the curls right near the top of my head for that messy boho look. After curling them all I let the curls sit there and cool (this is a great time to do your make up) before finger brushing them out with a little bit of oil on my hands. 

I finished the look by messily braiding the front sections from the ears back and secured using pins and hairspray. Add in a few flowers for the summer wedding vibe and voilaaaaaa…

Method 2 

Method 2…

The second way started with a bit of fun one night and has actually ended up being one of my favourite ways to curl my hair. Unfortunately I’ve never had the kind of hair that looks good when you plait it over night and sleep on it. I wake up and look like ive got a few zig zags poking out of my scalp rather than a set of messy curls. BUT, if you are blessed with great hair for plait curls then give it a go with lots of little plaits and then twisting them up individually into little buns to sleep in- see how that goes! 

When I was younger, my sister used to Irish dance and I always remember her having to sleep in foam rollers before any competition for her hair to end up in spiral curls. SO using these foam rollers on damp hair in slightly different sizes, which I found on amazon, I wrapped my hair up and slept over night to create the most crazy curls!

I will add now that a good alternative to buying rollers is to just use kitchen roll strips and wrap your hair into rags over night (this is also a little comfier). 

The real trick…

After a few trials I found that the key to this look was actually more about getting a good mix of sizes in the hair sections and the size of the roller. You want a few really tight little curls and a few loose waves to stop the look ending up too uniform. There is definitely a fine line between looking like Lily James and a poodle. 

There is a catch with all of this, which is that its INSANELY uncomfortable to sleep in. SO, I carried on trying different methods and tried out using the rollers in the morning on dry hair that I’d sprayed down with a little water (you don’t want it to be too damp as the hair drying is whats going to create the curl). When I got to the top section of hair I used a few plastic straws as curlers by wrapping the hair around as usual and then folding the two sides into the middle and placing an elastic over the straw to hold in place. These allowed me to get some super small curls in there too. 

I left these on for about an hour-2 hours, but the longer you can leave them the better your curl is going to be! Added a little R+Co Rockaway and then used my fingers and oil to run the curls through and mess them up a little.  

So, to finish up, its safe to say I am well and truly feeling like I belong in a mamma Mia movie. With the hair, the soundtrack blasting out in the car and the colour orange in everything I wear i might as well join the cast now….where do I sign up please? 

Please, please, pleaaaaaaaase do let me know if you have chance to try any of these methods out on yourself and how they go! I’d love to see your creations and styles! 


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