How To: Set New Years Resolutions.

Merry Christmas Eve to all you lovely people! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and all that jazz, BUT, before stuffing our faces with endless amounts of pigs in blankets and Brussel sprouts, its time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the next 12 months to come. Lets be real honest with ourselves and learn from our mistakes, keep smashing it & strive for bigger and better.

Up until last year, I never really took New Years Resolutions seriously. I would always forget about them by February, and they would be so unrealistic that there would be no point in even trying. Plus, there was always the ‘feeling of failure’ when New Years goals weren’t achieved. So last year I decided to take a different approach.

For 2018, I set myself 10 resolutions. Each one was relatively small and definitely do-able. I kept them interesting so that I wouldn’t be tempted to forget about them, but I also kept them quite simple so that if I did neglect them for a while, I could pick them up later and avoid the sense of failure. Read the post on my 2018 NYR here!

Now, while I’m sat down with a fresh note pad, thinking of great goals for 2019, I thought I’d share a few tips that I find super helpful when it comes to setting goals.

Small and Simple.

If you’re at all like me, and get easily downhearted over the feeling of ‘failure’, then this is a great tip to follow. Start small and work up to the bigger things. For example, If you want to lose weight, don’t set yourself the goal to lose 3 stone in a year, you’ll be completely over-faced and feel so much pressure, that its VERY likely to fail.

Instead, aim to exercise twice a week and review your goal monthly, if its too easy you can up it in February and if its too hard, you can drop the intensity. KEEP YOUR GOALS POSITIVE! Success breeds success, so keep your goals achievable and you’ll keep that great feeling all year round.

Lots of small goals will also widen your horizons! Keep them fun and lighthearted and you are guaranteed to learn something new along the way!

Monthly Goals.

This is something I’m going to try this year. Similarly to the last tip, breaking your goals down into monthly, bite size pieces will keep your goals fresh in mind. You’re sure to have good months and bad months, but with a monthly review, there is always chance to redeem yourself before the year is up!

This could be especially fun for a goal such as ‘Learn something new in 2019’ by picking something new to try each month/ every two months. New Years Resolutions should be FUN and EXCITING. 

Get Creative.

It’s so easy to pick one of the ‘classic’ New Years resolutions, why not sit down and really think about it this year- get creative and set yourself some personal and unique goals.


  • Weightloss- The most commonly unachieved goal.
  • Travel goals- So many factors are involved with travel, but if you do want to set this goal, keep it vague.
  • Drinking less- lets be honest, its not going to happen.
  • Saving money- DO THIS, but don’t set it as a goal, because when life gets in the way you’ll be torn between living and saving. Instead, learn how to budget.
  • Stress and Sleep- unless you are really suffering with stress problem and sleep issues, learn to live with it girl. Stress and lack of sleep are completely normal.

Write them Down.

Whether you write them in your diary, a new notepad or on your phone ‘notes’ page, get your resolutions down on a hard copy somewhere! I think this sets them, they feel like one of the bullet points on a ‘to do’ list and it will be such a great feeling when you get that pen and tick them off next December!

Keep them somewhere you’re not going to lose them, but somewhere that you’re not going to forget about them too! Maybe stick them up on your notice board or keep them in the drawer of your bedside table, that way you’re likely to see them frequently and be reminded to give them a try!

New Years resolutions aren’t for everyone, some people hate the idea or simply don’t want to set any goals, or maybe you just cant think of any. However, I think the main thing to consider is finding something in 2019 that is going to help you grow as a person, make you feel proud of yourself and bring joy into your life. After all, thats what its all about, right?!

Are you thinking about New Years resolutions for 2019?! I’d love to hear!


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