Interiors ideas I’m loving right now.

We may be a longggggg way off decorating our renovation project yet, but by no means does that stop me looking for dreamy interior inspiration. I love seeing snippets of a house on instagram and Pinterest. As a visual person, I find it a little tricky to imagine a piece of art or furniture in my own house without seeing it in the surroundings of a real house rather than in the shop or online store. So, for me, its much easier to use Pinterest, instagram or real places to gather my inspiration for our future decor. 

Ad and I actually have a Pinterest board that we both add to when we see something we like for the future house. I would definitely recommend starting up a Pinterest board between you and your partner WAY before you actually start picking pieces that you like. For us, its helped us to differentiate between what we really LOVE and the things that we get into a little phase with. Its also super helpful to see what kind of interior your partner likes- after all, you should both love your house equally and the decorating should be a compromise.


I am absolutely in LOVE with wall galleries at the moment. I love the minimalistic style with a few framed prints gathered together on the wall. Abstract water colours, Picasso style line drawings and simple words and shapes are my most recent favourite combo. 

I love the idea of using art to create something artistic on your wall. Wall galleries are interesting to look at from a distance as well as looking at each individual print separately.


While Ad and I were on our mini holiday in northumberland, we came across the most gorgeous little lunch time pub. There were dozens of vintage lightbulbs hanging from the ceilings on chord wires, all different sizes at different heights. The effect it gave was so warm. 

The filament inside the bulbs were really unique and the light they gave off was a beautiful orange tone. We both loved the idea of hanging these vintage lightbulbs over an island in the kitchen. Perfect for setting some ambiance while cooking on a night. 


Another interior style that we are really loving is reclaimed wooden work tops and floors. Using old wood to create something rustic and textured looks so effective and the end product would be totally unique to your house. 

While at The Great Yorkshire Show this year, we happened to stumble across the most beautiful reclaimed wood company (The Main Company). Their kitchen work tops are the ultimate goal and their big dining tables are perfect for larger kitchens and dining rooms to create a feature.


Having big landings is something I am really excited for. I am obsessing over cosy arm chairs and basket chairs to give awkward corners a little life and warmth. I love the idea of having a gorgeous little chair in front of a window where I can sit and enjoy a Sunday cup of tea with a good book and a fantastic view. 

Is it strange to be more excited about one cosy corner of your house than decorating an entire living room?


I’m 99% sure that this current interior love will not be something that Ad feels the same way about in our Chapel. HOWEVER, I think this would look amazing in a modern flat, cosy cottage or renovated farm house. 

You know those tiles in your grandparents bathrooms or kitchens that actually look pretty gross? Well, in the right room and environment I think they look so trendy! In small sections of a room these mosaic style tiles could be a real feature and bring something different to your house.



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