Items that have MADE my summer wardrobe….

Dear Lord of the weather,

T H A N K Y O U ! Thanks a million for blessing us with this insanely dreamy summer sunshine recently, I am thoroughly enjoying these gorgeous evenings that include frolicking in the fields of gold and allow me to wear all the summer pieces. I really do hope that you’re going to stick around for the forseeable…

Yours, forever



ANYONE else feeling the love for summer right now?

Im going to be honest, I have usually found it a little tricky when it comes for dressing for summer. When it feels so hot I like to be comfortable in what i’m wearing and feel confident, and unfortunately little summer dresses are just not my thing. I LOVE dresses, don’t get me wrong but I’ve always felt much more comfortable in a pair of denim shorts. Having said this, I think change is coming because this year i’ve been pairing things in my wardrobe that I wouldn’t have done before and i’ve found a few staple pieces that have really changed how I dress for summer!



T H E  M I D I 

Ive said it before, and I will say it again, the midi length is perfect for every season. You get the breezy and floaty feel of summer wear but unlike shorter numbers, you don’t feel like your bum is hanging out and waving to the world and unlike maxi’s, you don’t feel like your tripping over your skirts. The shops are absolutely stacked with midi skirts, dresses, trousers and even jumpsuits right now but if you don’t feel like you’ve seen anything you like I encourage you to try it on anyway- most of them can look a little granny-like on the hanger. They’re so comfy, free and cool with that retro vibe. I love pairing with white trainers or little brown sandals along with a chunky shopper bag or straw handbag. There are so many ways to wear this versatile piece.



T H E  W H I T E  S H I R T 

White shirts are a wardrobe must have if you ask me. I wear a white shirt at least once a week and I promise you that they go with absolutely everything. White shirt and shorts, check. White shirt and denim skirt, check. White shirt under strappy dress or dungarees, check. White shirt tied around waist to finish an outfit, check. White shirt and dress trousers, check……Shall I go on?

I love the white shirt so much because its super light and reflects the light which is super cooling in this weather we’ve been blessed with. Its even great for chucking on over your bikini for a beachy boho look.

Also perfect to shrug around your shoulders if you’ve had a little run in with the old sunburn monster…



T H E  S H I R T  D R E S S 

I have 3 shirt dresses in my wardrobe that I absolutely love. The first is a classic white button up dress with a cute frilled sleeve, the second is a chunky denim dress with a boxy style and the third is a leopard print button up which I nip in with a little black belt. All three of these give such different looks but each one can be dressed up or down. Perfect for those days where you end up out for some spontaneous summer drinks in the beer garden, or for those family BBQ’s where no-one is too sure on the dress code.

The buttons give such a lovely finishing detail to the items and the thin cotton material is wonderful in the hot weather. Shirt dresses are a style that I absolutely love but usually I struggle to find one that suits me, they’re usually too long or a little shapeless (probs designed for them gals with super long and thin legs- oops) BUT I suggest looking for a few different style of shirt dresses and trying them on with different accessories because this can actually make all the difference and you’ll feel FABULOUS.


T H E  J U M P S U I T 

I’m sure you’ll all agree that wearing a jumpsuit is basically like wearing pyjamas in the day. The comfort is unreal. The toilet situation is a little tricker but no pain no gain and all that. They are the perfect thing to wear dressed up or down and my favourite thing to wear to work on a hot day and a cooler day. They look smart, they look cool and they feel funky. There are some fantastic block coloured jumpsuits in New Look right now, however, I have to say that some of my favourite jumpsuits are the patterned ones. I just feel like ive walked out of the 70’s in them. Winner.


T H E  P L A I N  T E E 

If you’ve not already gathered that a lot of my summer style has included midi skirts, well, it has. And I think the best pair is a plain tee which I like to either tuck in or tie in a little bobble to make it cropped. White, black and grey are the 3 colours to get in your wardrobe to go with any skirt, shorts and most pairs of trousers this summer.

Sometimes I reaaaaaallly want to wear a certain skirt or pair of trousers that I would usually wear to go out or for something a little more formal and when I pair it with that plain grey teeshirt (primark’s finest) it completely changes the look and I feel fit for the occasion.

SOOOOOOO, there we have it. I guess my wardrobe is no longer stuck to a pair of shorts for this gorgeous sunshine weather. I’d love to hear your wardrobe staples this summer!





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