Kindness is for everyone.

Have you ever taken a moment to sit and think about what your biggest values and virtues are? Maybe you’ve been writing a job application or you’ve been at a college interview and you reach the questions that ask ‘why you?’ ‘what sets you apart from everybody?’ ‘what are your best traits?’.  Well, I always thought this was the hardest question to answer. Not because I don’t believe in myself but because its not something I’ve particularly thought about before- its like we go into autopilot and start listing things that we think are right rather than the things that are true and even more valuable to our personalities. Theres one thing that I would put above everything, the act of kindness.

Happiness is always my main priority, whether its mine or the people I love or even a complete stranger. Its something that I believe should be at the top of everyones mountains and kindness is that one thing that always brings happiness. Is there anything more heart warming or cosy than being kind or having someone show you kindness? Personally, I don’t think so. A smile from a stranger, a thank you card in the post, 5 minutes of your time to stop and chat to that person sitting alone- next time, remember that you might have just made somebodies day 10 times better.


Never underestimate how much kindness can do for YOU as well. Not only is kindness one of the most lovely things to give and receive, but it can also get you to a lot of places in life. Think about it, if you are kind and friendly towards people then you’re more likely to build that connection with somebody who could provide opportunities for you later in life or who will be there for you when you need a boost of encouragement and confidence to get through. I’m not suggesting that we be best pals with everyone, that would be a biiiiiit tricky as much as it would be great, but simply showing your kind soul to others whether they need it or not definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Everyone can be kind. It doesn’t take a certain kind of person or super, ethical personality to show a bit of kindness- everybody is capable. Imagine if you could say ‘hello’ to everyone on the planet and give them your best kilowatt smile, I wonder how many would smile back? I know that I would.

‘The people who’s first instict is to smile when you make eye contact with them are the worlds greatest treasures.’- the happiness project 2016.


If I had to define kindness it would go a little something like this-

The act that can bring sunshine on a cloudy day, the domino effect of a smile or laugh, the kind of magic that comes with a comforting snuggle when you need it most.

More often than not, my own bad moods and teary moments can easily be turned around by a small queeze of the shoulder, a few words of perspective and a terrible joke that might seem so silly, but means so much in that moment. So, lets comfort everyone a little longer, snuggle our loved ones tighter and check people are ok from time to time. It might not feel like a massive gesture, but really there is no small act of kindness for each is huge in its own right.


We don’t need to judge people as much as we do or pretend we know people when, really, we have no clue what battles they might be fighting quietly. Whats that saying, don’t judge a book by its cover?! SO TRUE.

Lets stop impressing people with clothes, money, degrees, titles and assets and start impressing people with kindness, generosity and compassion. At the end of the day, if you strip it all back then thats the only thing thats really left.


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