Lets Embrace Ourselves.

Today, while at the gym I got thinking of something which lead me to start writing this blog post (I was actually working out, promise…). I got thinking about all the pressure that there seems to be to have this massive ‘career’ these days. To have the big, hot-shot, job as a lawyer in New York, to become the editor of Vogue, or to discover a new species of animal..

These things are great, don’t get me wrong, hats off to all those out there saving lives and discovering new things, but I’m sure that it leave a slight sense of failure for those who aren’t doing these things. It almost seems like, if you haven’t succeeded in this way then you haven’t succeeded at all and if you don’t do these things you aren’t as smart and bright as those who do. Or, it seems that way to me anyway….

I love my job, I love to be involved in one of the happiest days in somebodies life and I love all the other aspects of my job too- I love the social media, the book keeping and the constant fun of planning for more in the future and changing things along the way. However, while I was training as a make up artist I actually found it really hard to accept that this was what I wanted to do- I felt like I hadn’t lived up to a ‘good enough’ career and that sentence in itself is so WRONG!

These a great quote that describes what i’m trying to say very well and I LOVE it.

If you are artistic, sporty, intellectual, mathematic, musical, spiritual, mechanical or a born performer- YOU ARE A GENIUS!

What i’m trying to say is, that we all know somebody who could be the first person on Jupiter one day but they can’t successfully scramble an egg, and we all know somebody who can paint so well it could be a photograph but they cant count the right change out at a till. We all have our own qualities and we should start embracing them. No more embarrassment, no more feeling not good enough and no more comparisons.

I suppose the way to do it is to avoid the negative people out there who are always there to piss on your cornflakes, and to start accepting yourself. It is amazing how much weight is lifted off your shoulders when you stop caring what others think of you, people can only have control over what you think of yourself if you let them.

Its important to remember that we are all individual and nobody is perfect. If your friend isn’t as mathematically minded as you do you love them any less? NO, so why think that about ourselves sometimes?

All we should be doing is nourishing our own skills and cheering on other people while they nourish theirs.

So whether you are an artist, a teacher, a barrister, a chef, a doctor, an astronaught, a dancer, a hair dresser, an accountant or a waitress; Be proud of yourself, because you are the only one of YOU that there is.


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