My 2019 Goals…

For me, this time after Christmas and new year has always been a slow limbo period where I don’t quite know what day it is. In school I would be one of them kids that would write the date wrong throughout the whole of January, because my brain was still living in the previous year…

However, this year, we’re back into the routines straight away and January already seems to be flying by at about 400 mph. I spent a bit of time over the Christmas period thinking of my personal 2019 goals, and after changing the list a number of times, I think i’m there.

This year I’m setting myself 2 personal goals. Ive chosen to keep both very vague and put them up for a review every month in my diary.

  1. Always try to exercise at least 4 times a week for January. Whether this means going to the gym, going for an outside walk or run, or having a youtube video to follow from the comfort of my own home, this has to be done.
  2. Form a routine of taking vitamin supplements and eat certain foods that are going to nourish my body from the inside. By this I mean, know the benefits of something I am eating before I stuff my face with it.

Body goals are very personal in my opinion. It really does come from our own thoughts on ourselves, and I think its important to always focus on the things we love rather than dwell on the things we aren’t as keen on, however, if you want to give some improvements a go then start now!

Now, this is the one i’m most excited for. I have been loving my work for the last few years. I work with great people and my businesses are becoming more established as time goes on, which is something i’m really proud of. My goals here are simply to develop them. To keep asking my clients to pass my name on and make a conscious effort to keep advertising on social media.

Just before Christmas I started up a new side venture with my mum, through this year I really want to work to have our business take off and try new things though it!

As for the blogging, I want to get much more personal on the blog this year. Talk about things that mean a lot to me, are close to my heart or things I struggle with. Hopefully, it could help some people out there or give a little sparkle of happiness to you.

Lifestyle goals are great for pushing yourself towards something fun and light-hearted! Last year I chose to set myself a few fun goals and ill be doing the same for 2019.

  1. Try cooking 1 completely new meal every month! Something from a recipe book thats completely out of my comfort zone. Over Christmas, me and Adam had a lot of fun cooking meals together. Its time to broaden the horizons!
  2. Im renewing my book reading goal! By this time in 2020 I want to have read another 20 books!
  3. Start an instagram for our chapel renovation project and let you follow us on the journey, maybe a few blog posts on our progress too…
  4. Do more cultured activities, see new places and things through the year.

Ive taken a different route for this years goals and i’m SUPER excited to see where I am this time next year. I’ve kept my goals more vague but on a personal level I am more determined to complete these. With lots of fun and lighthearted ones thrown in amongst the lot, i’m feeling ready to smash them.


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