The best FRIENDS episodes EVER.

Hey there Monday, i’m so glad your back again (for real, no sarcasm) I LOVE YA. Ok, so this could possibly be the hardest post ever in the history of posts. Oh, I am well aware that this is quite a claim, but, one of the actual unanswered questions in my life is ‘what is my favourite episode of friends?’ and I actually cant answer it! Its like asking who your favourite friend is on the series- another impossible question. Who else is with me here because I surely can’t be the only one? Is it even possible to have a favourite episode?

So when i’m in bed on a night and i’ve aimlessly scrolled through Netflix or Amazon video for half an hour, I always end up coming back to the most binge-watchable series out there. You don’t need to watch in order and you don’t have to watch a whole hour and actually concentrate which is my kinda easy going, self care/me time, evening watch

It might have taken me approximately four days to come up with my own little list of faves, but here Im going to lay it out. These are my FAVE and best friends episodes of all 10 seasons! Wish me luck and pray that I don’t change my mind again while writing them down. ps. they are in no order at all- that proved to be too hard. 


1. The One with the Princess Leia Fantasty– Season 3 Episode 1. AKA Joey and Janices DAY OF FUN

2. The One with the Flashback– Season 3 episode 6. This one has to make the list, it even has a Mr Heckles appearance.

3. The One with a Chick. And a Duck. – Season 3 episode 21. This is proper old school Chandler and Joey love and i’m all about it.

4. The One with the Jellyfish.– Season 4 episode 1. The ones at the beach are so funny- Ross and Rachel moments at their finest.

5. The One with the Ball.– Season 5 episode 21. Literally so funny.

6. The One with Unagi.– Season 6 episode 17. Ah, salmon skin roll.

7. The One with all the Cheesecake.- season 7 episode 11. I could just eat a cheesecake right now…

8. The One with Joeys award. – Season 7 episode 18. Joey and Rachel have all the lols.

9. The One in Passapequa. – Season 8 episode 18. Its Ross and Rachel again and that speech from Monica.

10. The One with the Male Nanny.– Season 9 episode 6. SO good.


11. The One with the Memorial Service.– Season 9 episode 17. This cracks me up so much.

12. The One where Ross is Fine.– Season 10 episode 2. I’m Fine.

13. The Last One Part 1 &2– Season 10 episode 17. This is so so so good but I swear I cant watch because I get too sad its all over!



Does anyone else seem to search Netflix for hours and still resort back to watching friends? I am utterly rubbish at finding something to watch on Netflix and I get this searching obsession which never actually ends in something new. I’ll admit it, i’m a total Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and 90210 fan but with all these series finished, I have no tv shows that I actually keep up to date with and look forward to watching (except silent witness every January- the best). I’d love to hear all your recommendations for tv shows and series to get stuck into, I’ll give em’ all a go.

In the meantime, I will be here watching friends which never fails to make me chuckle.

Ps. I hope you laugh like that with YOUR friends and treasure them always.




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