Whats in my make up bag?

There are some people who love shoes, some who love jewellery, some love skincare. I LOVE make up…who am I kidding, I love all of the above. BUT I do love finding a make up product that I absolutely adore.

My make up bag is made up of about 3 brands (you could say i’m a fan of the brands). Bare minerals was an absolute game changer for me, it really did help to clear up my skin and for me it gives me the finish that I like in a make up look. Benefit is another favourite of mine, particularly the blush colours, and the pretty packaging is a mega selling point too. The final brand is Estee Lauder and although this is on the pricier side of make up brands, its SO worth it for me.

For the prep…

Lets dig into the juicy stuff shall we? 

I consider myself to be quite lucky when it comes to skin. I’ve never suffered badly from breakouts or blemishes and throughout my school years I was absolutely dreadful with my skincare routines. However, I have always suffered with quite dry and eczema prone skin around my hair line, on my scalp and recently over my eyes which has been quite painful and difficult to get under control. Because of this eczema it makes choosing a base product problematic sometimes.

The first thing I use after getting out of bed on a morning is the Lixirskin Vitamin C Paste. This is one of my favourite skincare products because I have noticed such a difference since starting to use it, which was not long ago! It essentially brightens my skin and leaves it glowing before I even apply make up.

Before I do anything else, I always use Diprobase on my eyes, hairline and any other dry areas to really get some moisture back into my skin. While thats soaking in, I like to get my make up bag open and lay out the bits i’ll be using. 

After that I’ll use Lixirskin Universal Emulsion on the remaining areas of my skin for a lighter moisturiser. 

The base…

My base routine is the most important part of my daily make up and there are two things I look for when picking my base products. 1- is it a fast easy application? 2- does it look and feel natural without fading through the day?

I start off with Estee Lauder DayWear Sheer Tint Moisturiser, and Estee Lauder DayWear BB. I squeeze these in tiny dots straight out the tube onto my face. One of each on my forehead, both cheeks and my chin. I use my fingers to rub them in and this alone would be a nice coverage on a great skin day for me in summer. 

However, these winter months usually leave me needing a little more coverage so I use a small amount of Bare Minerals Original foundation with the Beautiful Finish buffing brush and apply at the centre of my face and buff out to the edges. The key with this product is to really BUFF! It starts as a powder but turns into a cream on your skin so don’t be afraid of this product if you have dry skin. SUPER EASY TO USE! 

Sticking with the bare minerals, my next product combo is Warmth and the Illuminating Mineral Veil. For warmth I use a small amount on a Zoeva Luxe Cheek Finish brush and buff into my cheeks for some bronze. I like to take it over the bridge of my nose and forehead too. I use the Illuminating Mineral Veil to highlight my cheeks. 

The final step of my base is blush and since I got my first benefit Christmas kit back in school I am 100% loyal to Benefit Dandelion.

A little something for the eyes…

I don’t go crazy on the eyes. My eyes are pretty sensitive, so I like to use a little something to warm them up quickly without going over the top. 

Using the Bare Minerals Get Nude palette in Rose and an Eco Tools Shading brush I swish a little of Haze over my full lid and add another swish of Boho to my crease and buff together. The pink tones work great for my green/blue eyes and its such a fast and easy process. 

A flick of Benefit They’re Real on the lashes, a comb of the brows with Benefit 3D Brow Tones in Medium/Deep and i’m good to go. 

Lips to finish…

Whatever lipstick I decide to use, I like to apply it to the middle of my lips and use my fingers to blend it out for a plump lip look with a sheer tint.

Some of my favourites for this time of year are Verve by Mac, Benefit Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm, Very Victoria by Charlotte Tilbury and The Body Shop Liquid lip in Windsor Rose. 

What products are your essentials this autumn? I’d love to hear whats in your make up bag currently…


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