Whats LOVE got to do with it?

Dear You, 

It can be hard to love yourself, but promise you’ll try? 

Love is a funny thing isn’t it? How strange that we use the same word for romance, friendship, family, work, an object, or even an experience. How strange that we use the same word for ourselves, or at least we should. None of them feel quite like the next, I don’t love my bracelet the same way that I love my best friend- they’re all unique. Some kinds of love are easier than others, some are stronger than others, some are even healthier than others. 

We find it so easy to love in most ways. I LOVE that song, I love that outfit, I love my soulmate. Im 100% certain I love myself too, but that one can seem to get a little lost sometimes. Have you ever felt that? 

Maybe it gets lost because you’re just a little bit too busy, because life goes at 100 mph and we don’t often get a chance to sit back and appreciate ourselves . Maybe it gets lost because of something more than that. Either way, we shouldn’t let anything be an excuse for not giving ourselves the love that we give so many other things in our life. I don’t know your reasons, and I’m not going to ask you to tell me, but I am going to say a few things that I hope might help sometimes. 

Firstly, when you do get the chance to think about it, I hope you feel worthy of love. I hope you feel worthy of the love that your friends, family, or other half give you, because you are. I hope you feel that you’re worthy of your own love. I want you to take a second and understand how important you are, how unique you are. There is no other ‘you’ in the world and your soul can shine so brightly when you remember this. 

Next, I want you to think about how you treat yourself. Do you really look after yourself? Your brain is a clever little thing and sometimes it can play a few tricks on you. Focus, think about how you look after your soul, your mind, your body and when you’ve got an answer you can smile knowing that you’re doing something right or smile because you know that its something to work on slowly but surely. Feed your soul light and warmth, give your mind the knowledge that it will thrive from, and let your body be strength itself. 

Now I want you to make a little promise you me, yourself and the universe. Please, oh please, try to never compare yourself to somebody else. Nobody on this earth is perfect, and oh how boring life would be if we were. Just because your teeth aren’t as white as hers, or you didn’t get a degree at uni like them, or because you haven’t found yourself on a giant swing in Bali yet, does not mean you are not as great as them. The world is wide and time is yours, so seize the day however YOU want to. Celebrate the triumphs, little and large. 

I asked a few of my bestest friends what they love the most about themselves, and its surprising how hard it is to answer a question like that when asked, without the fear of sounding big headed or vain. Why do we find it so hard to take pride in loving ourselves, or even just little bits of ourselves sometimes? Its not selfish or shallow, its respectable and its going to unlock so many doors for you. 

So, today, tomorrow and forever more, keep reminding yourself what it is that you love about yourself. Maybe its your killer hair today, maybe its how kind hearted your soul is or maybe its your ability to make other people smile as brightly as the stars in the night sky. Whatever it is, its time to find it, feed it and LET IT GROW. 

Love always, 


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