Your Weekend Reading, Watching and Listening.

Helloooooo from snowy France, we’ve been having such fun on our week skiing! Its that time of week again, time for some recommendations for your weekend fun!


Our House- Candlish Louise- A great read that jumps from characters throughout to keep you gripped!

Kate Lavie– Falling in love with you- a lovely blog post to inspire some self love!

National Geographic- Why insect populations are plummeting and why it matters- an interesting one to read!


The Princess Switch- Netflix- Ok Ok I absolutely loved this film, super cheesy!

Silent Witness- BBC- My all time favourite tv series ever! You can still catch it on BBC iPlayer!

Sex Education- Netflix- Ive not watched this yet but it looks fab and i’ve been told it is great!


Candlelight- Jack Savoretti- Loving this song right now!

Happiness Spells Podcast- 5 minute lists of happy things! HOW CUTE!!!

Relax into Sleep- Meditation Oasis- This podcast helps me to calm down before bed when I can’t sleep!

Happy weekending!


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